SoStereo was founded by Salo and Beto to enable brands to unlock the marketing power of music. After realizing first hand the limitations both brands and artists had in working together to leverage real music on commercials & content, they started building SoStereo - and since 2017, have been serving hundreds of the top brands in the world. They offer the perfect mix of the speed & affordability of a stock library with the quality and cultural relevance of record-label-quality REAL artists. What started out as a small 4-person team and rudimentary platform, has become a sprawling 16-person team with award-winning creative and account management teams to help service our clients, and over 13K artist partners making their music accessible for brands looking to license the next trending song for their ad.

Why SoStereo? What Makes us unique?
SoStereo stands out with its 10K+ artist & label music partnerships, online platform and award-winning creative team, offering a solution for producers, editors and brands to access record-label-quality artist music with the ease & affordability of stock libraries. In addition, our unique technology makes it possible to scale music solutions for content & influencer teams via our StereoBrands enterprise model.
How do you work with / engage SoStereo?    
You can engage with SoStereo in two ways: through the website platform ( where you can either search independently or request a curated playlist from our concierge team for free until you license a track, or via our enterprise StereoBrands solution ( that provides a unique URL with pre-loaded music and your terms & budgets built-in for bulk licensing/credit-based deals to share out with content & influencer teams.

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