AICP Production Assistant Training Seminar

Professional guidance for upcoming Production Assistants in Chicago.   Attendees will receive an overview of the production process, and training for prep, shoot and wrap days.  Your resume will be distributed to all the AICP Midwest companies, and to freelance Line Producers, Freelance Production Managers and Coordinators in Chicago.

Event Capacity: 35

o Must be ready to enter the industry or a graduating senior.
o A letter of recommendation or paragraph about your experience and goals
  and a pdf of your resume (file labeled with full name) when you RSVP.

Training Activities

o Panel discussions led by an Executive Producer, Line Producer, 1st AD, and crew department heads
o Understanding each department and their support needs
o  Responsibilities of an office and set PA.
o  Vendor pick up and returns
o  Job Petty Cash - tracking receipts and envelope completion & timecards
o  How to pack and unpack a production truck

Lunch will be provided and you will be eating with the multiple crew department heads.  This will give you time to one on one network with freelance professionals and the opportunity to establish connections.

RSVP Deadline: April 27.