Mission Statement

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers is a nation-wide industry organization created by and for Commercial Producers. It’s mission is to act as the industry voice on a variety of matters; from continuing education of it’s members, contract negotiations, developing and maintaining industry standards and acting as a liaison with other television, governmental and advertising organizations.

The Minnesota chapter of the AICP was started in July 1992 by local production and associated companies committed to promoting commercial work in the area and adding our voice to the national stage. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, and with regional offices across the country, the association serves as a strong collective voice for this $5 billion –plus industry, addressing its many audiences within the advertising community, business circles and government office; disseminating information; developing industry standards; providing education and programs; and facilitating dialogue both within its organization and between members of the AICP and their colleagues in the advertising community.

Membership in AICP, both for companies and individuals, gives us an opportunity to influence industry policy and decisions, learn more about our collective business, and develop and maintain contacts throughout the industry. Please see our membership application for information on how to join and our calendar of events for upcoming programs.