Pedro Lavin


A visual artist by trade and a self-driven creator with a love for magical realism and fantasy, Pedro Lavin defies reality in his atmospheric ethereal films.

Born in Mexico City, Lavin’s visual style is heavily influenced by the contrast between the vibrancy and darkness present in Mexican culture. With an early love of art and creation, Lavin pursued a career in graphic design and film at the California Institute of the Arts. At Psyop, Lavin cut his teeth as a designer before ascending to creative director. He’s completed work for Coca Cola, Nike, FX Network, Estee Lauder and Google. His most recent film highlighting the stories of sexual assault survivors for the MeToo organization has received both praise and recognition worldwide.

Lavin puts a piece of his soul into all of his projects, using emotion as a compass to guide the stories he tells. His work is a window into his own experiences: his psyche reinterpreted onscreen with unbridled imagination and mind-bending visual style. Human sexuality, attraction and fluidity are central themes to his short films GLAMBEAST, Sophia; and the upcoming I Feel Love. While they contain seemingly separate stories, when brought together, they form a new narrative arc symbolizing Lavin’s experiences as a queer artist

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