Chris Gipson


After graduating from UC Santa Barbara and earning a degree in Film Studies in 1993, Chris began his post-production journey as a runner and apprentice editor in Red Car’s Hollywood office.  After gaining experience and working as an assistant editor for a few years, Chris moved to Red Car’s Santa Monica location in the late 90’s, where he started cutting music videos.  Shortly thereafter, Chris began editing TV commercials.  In 2004, after cutting a few projects and hitting it off with some clients out of the Red Car Dallas studio, Chris made the move to Texas.  In 2012, Chris earned a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from UT Dallas and in 2013, Chris and two of his Red Car colleagues bought out the Red Car Dallas studio and rebranded as Republic Editorial.  In 2016, Republic opened a design and animation studio, and in 2019, Republic started their production arm.   Chris continues to edit, and over the years has cut projects for such brands as Lexus, AT&T, Nissan, McDonald’s, Clorox, Frito-Lay and Epson.

In past years, he has also been active in the Texas Chapter of the AICE, serving several terms as President.  Currently, Chris serves as the Vice President of the AICE SW Chapter, and is on the AICE Post-Production Council.  He continues to work in Dallas where he lives with his wife Liz and twin teenage daughters, Emma and Sarah.

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