Fuad Abed


Shaped by the convergence of diverse cultures, Fuad Abed was naturally inclined toward a career with global reach. His Lebanese family instilled a love for hospitality, his American relatives nurtured his English language, and his upbringing in Mexico kindled a deep affection for the rich and vibrant culture of his homeland.

Fuad channeled these influences into his passion for the film industry, quickly establishing himself. His work in production has spanned a range of films and TV shows in Mexico, showcasing his expertise and earning him widespread recognition in his field. Although he has experience in various forms of media, he found himself inextricably drawn back to production services, dedicating the past seven years to perfecting his craft. Fuad's experience in the industry spans an impressive 15 years at his "young" age.

Collaborating with renowned directors, photographers, and producers from around the world, Fuad has contributed to high-profile Mexican films alongside international blockbusters like Elysium. His involvement also extends to smaller yet culturally significant films like Carmin Tropical.

Today, Fuad is a Partner and the Director of Operations for The Lift, Mexico’s leading production services company. In this role he is pleased to be able to showcase his leadership, creativity, and operational acumen.

Away from the limelight, Fuad uses his love for cycling as a way to both meditate and support the fight against cancer. At the center of his world, he's a proud dad to a six-year-old girl.

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