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Important Meeting Regarding the AICP Legal Initiative

This important meeting is crucial to attend if you are using the AICP legal initiative (or contemplating using the legal initiative). At this meeting we will provide you with valuable information on how you can expedite the review process. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU ATTEND THIS MEETING.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Tips you can use today to shorten your contract turnaround time
  • How to avoid being stuck in the queue and jump to the head of the line
  • Biggest mistakes companies make that bog down the process
  • Specs in the Omnicom MPPA you should pay close attention to
  • AND MORE!!!

Those who should attend:

  • Managing Directors
  • Executive Producers
  • Heads of Production
  • CFOs/Controllers
  • All member employees who engage the Initiative

This virtual meeting is open to all AICP General members*. Details for accessing the meeting will be distributed one hour prior to the start time.

Click Here to RSVP

(Please note: you must RSVP to all virtual meetings/town halls individually in order to receive the access information.) We look forward to connecting.

*This Virtual Meeting is open to AICP General Members Only.