CAPS, A Cast & Crew Company

Founded in 1991, CAPS Payroll has built a decades-long reputation as the leading provider of commercial payroll for AICP member companies and independent commercial producers. Together with Cast & Crew and our sister company TEAM, we are equipped with the technology and know-how to handle any kind of production payroll that comes through our doors: SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, Teamsters, non-union – even talent reuse payments and holding fees.

Integration into Cast & Crew
CAPS was acquired by Cast & Crew in 2016 and is now fully integrated into the company, with all the payroll and technology resources that brings. As CAPS Payroll, we maintain our targeted, hands-on service ethos that our clients have come to know and rely on for their commercial and music video payroll needs.

Digital Products
We innovate cloud-based digital products to enhance the crew management, time collection and accounting processes unique to our clients. CAPS Pay is the industry-standard hours-to-gross calculator for commercial payroll, a requisite tool for production managers grossing up timecards on commercial jobs. ETC adds automated crew start paperwork and timekeeping to the mix, while our CAPS+ product is a corporate and production accounting software tool specifically designed for commercial, branded content and music video productions.

These products are free of charge with payroll service, and backed by our best-in-class technical support – from friendly advisers who understand your business. Over our decades in operation, we have built on our team’s extensive knowledge and background in the commercial production industry, and we apply that expertise equally to our software tools and technical support.

When experience matters, reach out to CAPS. We can’t wait to start the conversation.