Equity and Inclusion

2021 AICP Equity & Inclusion Annual Report

The AICP Equity & Inclusion Committee is the official workgroup driving the association’s commitment to facilitate industry-wide change.  The committee is tasked by the AICP National Board of Directors to drive movement in all facets of the industry, to implement strong, diverse goals individually and company wide across the commercial industry.  It exists to push forward a demographic shift that is both real and sustainable and imperative to creating long-term programs and strategies that will facilitate a more equitable and balanced commercial community.  Our overall goal will remain to provide access and opportunity to marginalized groups and become a more inclusive industry across all areas of the business.

The Equity & Inclusion Committee implements initiatives, programs and tools to help AICP members affect change and provide more access.


The AICP Equity & Inclusion Committee Subcommittees focus on the following areas:

  • Best Practices
  • Access
  • Talent Resources and Hiring Practices
  • Mentorship


  • Commitment to Change Webinars
  • Double the Line Initiative
  • Talent Resources
  • Best Practices for Engagement
  • Establish Data Collection and tracking standards

Click Here to read more. If you have questions or would like to participate in AICP Equity & Inclusion programs, contact info@aicp.com.