Mentoring Program

The AICP Mentoring Program is designed with two goals in mind. First, this program is part of our commitment to developing aspiring production and post professionals from underrepresented backgrounds. Our second goal is to promote the growth and development of our Members and Mentees, through a one-on-one, nurturing and mutually stimulating environment. Please click here for more information about AICP. 

This six-month long program connects experienced AICP Member industry-leaders with aspiring production and post professionals. The pair will work together to pinpoint and resolve core challenges that can best benefit from the Mentor’s experience. Regardless of age or tenure, each participant has something of value to offer. This dynamic allows for real-life wisdom and experience to inform the real-life challenges faced by our up-and-coming Mentees.

Each Mentor and Mentee commits to a one hour phone call once a month, for six months. An introductory session will kick off the program, and a series of workshops for the Mentees will be held over the course of the program cycle.

For more information, please refer to our Mentorship Program Guidelines.

If you have any questions about the AICP Mentoring Program, please contact Brian Doherty at