Manage Your Membership Information

The AICP Member Portal allows companies to designate a liaison to manage a company’s public facing AICP Member Director listing, as well as company contacts who receive communications from AICP.

The liaison may also review their company’s AICP-negotiated labor agreement signatory status, participation in PHBP, and diversity certifications. Information on labor agreements and PHBP status are not publicly available; if a member company wishes to list their diversity certifications, they may do so. Please see here for more information.

If you would like to request liaison status to manage your company's information and contacts, please follow the instructions in the yellow box below.

If you are a registered liaison of your company’s AICP Member Directory listing, you can update your profile and view the other information from your account page.

If you need to register as a company liaison to update your membership information, you can do so by clicking here.