AICP COVID-19 Symptom Screening

By rule and recommendation, AICP strongly suggests the following procedures that have been suggested/mandated by various government entities.

  • Each day, prior to the day of work, employees or others planning to be present at the workplace (all personnel) must fill out a required self-screening form.
  • Pending the employee or potential employee’s responses to the questions, work may not be permitted relative to best practices and OSHA guidelines. Additional questions may be posed by a designated individual. Responses to all questions will remain private.
  • If the individual is deemed to pose a potential health hazard to the workplace, they must not be permitted to report to work (AICP Guidelines and considerations regarding “Development of Symptoms should be followed”).
  • All Personnel should understand the fundamentals of required hygiene and PPE use and maintenance.  To this end, information, including readily available instructional videos should be made available.
  • When arriving at the workplace a designated COVID Compliance Manager should check the individual in and confirm that the personnel’s condition is unchanged, by way of verbal affirmation.  If the screening answers have changed, a further investigation conducted by a trained individual may be required.
  • In addition, all personnel should be furnished with the company’s Guidelines or Protocols prior to the workday and acknowledge that they have received and reviewed them.
  • The information in the questionnaire(s) or any report generated from information contained in the questionnaire(s) is the sole property of the Employer.  Any designated person that would need to be furnished with this information to carry out their duties must return the information to the Employer and may not retain the information.