Types of Memberships

The AICP offers several different types of memberships to better serve all corners of the commercial production industry. To learn more about each type of membership, please click below. For more info, please email davids@aicp.com.

Any firm or corporation regularly engaged in the physical and/or digital production of commercials as an independent producer who as part of such production employs employees for their commercial production services shall be eligible to be elected a General Member by the Board upon delivery to the Corporation of an application for membership.

Any person, firm or corporation regularly engaged in the business of providing services or supplies to the commercial production industry shall be eligible to be elected an Associate Member by the Board upon delivery to the corporation of an application for associate membership.

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers has created a special level of membership for industry press.  Membership entitles an industry press organization to use the AICP/Member logo where appropriate, and to receive communications from the association. There are no dues for Press Members of AICP, but a complimentary subscription is required for the New York and Los Angeles offices of the Association.  Listing in the association’s Membership Directory is free.  Membership is not automatic, and must be renewed annually and approved by the Association’s membership review process.