2013 AICP Show & Next Awards Campaigns Launch

NEW YORK, February 14, 2013 – AICP has launched two distinct ad campaigns in support of both the AICP Show and the AICP Next Awards. This bifurcated approach reflects the growth of the Next Awards and aims to attract work from various facets of the industry. This year the Next Awards will be a standalone event with its own debut night and reception (June 4th) at the Skirball Center at New York University, rather than a daytime event leading up to the AICP Show. The AICP Show will have its premiere (as it has since 1992) at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), on June 6th. Both events anchor the newly launched AICP Week, a celebration of creativity and thought leadership.
The campaigns were created by student teams at the VCU Brandcenter, which for the past eight years has partnered with AICP on its advertising for the AICP Show and AICP Next Awards. Full credits are below. The deadline to enter the AICP Show and the AICP Next Awards is March 1, 2013.

The AICP Show: BOOYAH! - If You’ve Got, Show it.
The concept behind the campaign is that everyone has a ritual when they achieve a creative breakthrough (no matter their vocation). In advertising, people can be a bit more “expressive.” This moment of epiphany might be a dance, a fist pump, a bell ring, or perhaps a more introverted sense of satisfaction.
To help illustrate the idea, AICP and the VCU Brandcenter turned to industry luminaries to share their Booyah moments, now showcased in a short film found on http://www.allartisadvertising.com (be sure to check out the bonus extra on the site, showcasing some more personal tricks to find the Booyah moment). Those participating include: Susan Credle, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett; Ellen Kuras, Director, Gorgeous; David Lubars, Chairman/Chief Creative Officer, BBDO; Tor Myhren, President & Chief Creative Officer, Grey; Jonathan Notaro, Executive Creative Director/ Director, Brand New School; Patrick O’Neill, Executive Creative Director, TBWA/Chiat/Day; Justin Reardon, Director, Station Film; Tiffany Rolfe, Partner/Chief Content Officer, Co:Collective; and Tom Scherma, Editor, Cosmo Street. Their personal celebrations range from high kicks to singing to subtle head nods. The film closes on an invitation to submit entries, along with the AICP Show tagline for the past three years: All art is advertising. Is your advertising art?
The film invites industry professionals from all walks to find out if their booyah moment translates to a winning idea – of course reminding would-be entrants that it is time to submit their work to the AICP Show. If selected, the honored work becomes a part of the archives of the Department of Film at MoMA. 

THE NEXT AWARDS: Innovation Has No Formula
The Next Awards, now entering its seventh year, recognize outstanding work and the creative forces behind it, but are much more than an Awards competition – it is a platform for thought leadership and analysis by those pushing boundaries and raising the bar higher on marketing content outside the traditional context. Like work honored in the AICP Show, all Next winners are made a part of the Department of Film at MoMA.
The campaign from the team at VCU presents a series of infomercial -style short films (available at http://www.aicpnext.com) for EureeCorp, which purports to sell innovation to interested users. The films play on the stereotype that products sold via infomercial may not work to the extent that they are billed – and even have a supporting toll-free number - to illustrate that innovation has no formula.  In the first piece (two more will be released), a 114-degree shower is supposed to transmit great ideasp, but instead sets the user’s head on fire.  Each film ends with the AICP Next Awards tagline: Recognizing Art in its Most Modern Form.

The AICP Show: BOOYAH! - If You’ve Got, Show it.

VCU BrandCenter: Concept
Art Director: Parker Bell
Christina Chen: Developer

Video: Station Film
Joseph Biancaniello: Cameraman
Anthony Rescigno:  Cameraman/Editor
Adam Richards: Producer/Cameraman

Additional Video: STORY
Mark Androw: Executive Producer
Cliff Grant: Executive Producer
John Komnenich: Director

Title Design: Brand New School

Music: COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound
Composer: Ravi Krishnaswami
Executive Producer: Jason Menkes

Audio Mix:  by Color
Kevin Halpin: Audio Mixer/Partner
Josh Abbey: Audio Mixer /Partner
Jeff Rosner: Executive Producer/Partner
Josh Heilbronner: Technical Producer

THE AICP NEXT AWARDS: Innovation Has No Formula

Agency: VCU Brandcenter
Copywriters: Gary L. Baker II; Zac Milner

Art Directors: Zack Madrigal; Cory Tyler Bowles

Creative Technologist: John Briney

Production Company: Schrom & Company
Director / Cameraman: Michael Schrom
Executive Producer: Carl Sturges
Production Manager: Pamela Crawshaw

Design & Post Production: Ladies & Gentlemen
Creative Director: Christopher Fung
Designer / Compositor: Marco Giampaolo
Animator: Tiffany Chung
Executive Producer: Jojo Mu

Music & Sound Design: Yessian Music
Composer: Yessian Music
Sound Designer: Scotty Gatteño
Producer: Mike Dragovic
Executive Producer: Marlene Bartos
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Yessian

Voice:  Randy West

AICP Week is a celebration of creativity and thought leadership. The Week is anchored by the Premieres of The AICP Next Awards and the AICP Show: The Art and Technique of the American Commercial, the latter culminating with the most anticipated celebrations in the industry: The gala at the Museum of Modern Art. Additionally, in each year, various educational seminars and events highlighting the state of marketing in the motion image are staged.