AICP Does Not Sell or Rent its Membership Lists Directly or Via Any Third Parties

December 7, 2020

To: AICP Members

Fr: Matt Miller, President and CEO

Re: Tis the Season for Spam Emails

Many members have recently forwarded emails from individuals purporting to sell AICP Membership lists. Please be assured that AICP does not sell or rent its membership lists directly, or via any third parties. If you receive an email offering these lists for sale, please note that such offering is unauthorized by the AICP and the offeror has no right or permission from AICP to offer or sell an AICP Membership list. And it is highly unlikely that what they are trying to sell is genuine. This language appears on our AICP Directory pages on as well. If you receive one of these emails, please forward it to so we may continue to compile as we exhaust all efforts to take appropriate action.

Additionally, many members reported receiving an email that looks like it is “directly from me” asking to help AICP buy gift cards for a veteran’s hospice. While I and AICP support Veterans causes in many ways, this email is a phishing scam and should be immediately deleted.

Thank you, and if you have any questions about our Membership Directory, please contact David Stewart, Manager of Membership Information and Systems.