Tournament Format

Each player will choose to play either in the “Best Ball” or “Scramble” competition.   


All players in the foursome must play the same competition (Best Ball or Scramble) and within each foursome, there will be 2 teams of two competing in the overall tournaments within the foursomes.  



Best Ball – For the Glory of Competition 


Using handicaps, the teammates in the twosome will play their own golf balls throughout and the lower score between them on each hole counts as the team score.  The max handicap a player can carry in Best Ball is 20.


Scramble – For the Fun of It 


Each player in the team of two hits a tee shot on each hole, the best shot is selected, then both players play from that best shot. The players continue selecting the best shot until one player hits the ball into the hole. The team score is the total of the best shots. (This format is perfect for beginners—no handicap required).  



Special Contests Throughout the Course Will Include: 


Closest to the Pin                             Longest Drive 

Hole in One Contest                        Birdie Contest