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As you may be aware, in the wake of the June 2023 United States Supreme Court decision that struck down affirmative action in college admissions, a lawsuit was filed in federal court against AICP and other companies that were involved in a specific production (Client, Agency and Production Company) that challenges the Double the Line initiative. 

These types of lawsuits have proliferated since the Supreme Court’s decision and many companies have been faced with altering their DEI programs in order to get the lawsuits against them dismissed. In this case, all defendants in the lawsuit, including AICP, recently filed a motion to dismiss the complaint and that motion, we suspect, may be pending for many months.

The motion does not address the substantive viability of Double the Line and is more of a procedural argument to dismiss the complaint. If the court denies the motion, then the lawsuit will continue, at which point the substance of the Double the Line program will eventually be addressed. This could take several years. While AICP stands behind the Double the Line initiative and the merits it was designed to achieve, it encourages your company to seek legal counsel regarding your choice to implement a job using DTL initiative.

If you have any questions, please contact Sheila R. Brown, VP, Equity & Inclusion, at

In addition to our membership, Double the Line is supported by industry-leading clients and agencies. We thank them for their commitment to a more diverse industry and creating opportunities for BIPOC crew members.

If you are bidding a job with one of the Double the Line supporters listed below and your contact or client needs to be briefed about the program, please reach out to the contact listed below for assistance.  For all other questions, please check our FAQ or reach out to us directly by contacting


Contact Information:


Contact Information:
Margaret McLaughlin, Senior Director of Production


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Melany Esfeld, SVP, Head of Production


Jacky Norris, Office Manager


Amy Hinsley, Business Director



Deutsch LA

Kristina Gordon, Office Manager


Jen Swanstrom, Global Financial Controls

Mike Wolfe, Head of Global Brand Creative, Sponsorships & Partnerships

The Martin Agency

Tricia Hoover, Executive Producer


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Mustafa Imam, Global Head of Production
Kat Friis, Executive Producer

Pereira O'dell

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Veronica Beach, Head of Production

Stink Studios

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Jess Hong, Director of Content Production
Zanah Thirus, Senior Producer (Brand)

Venables Bell & Partners

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Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Andria Nanni, Production Operations Manager

Velocity, ViacomCBS

Meg Sudlik, V.P. Creative Production