Best Practices for Engagement

AICP provides its members and the industry with resources and guidelines to promote good business practices, which provide the best possible environment for creativity and ingenuity.

The AICP and its membership are actively committed to working across the advertising and marketing ecosystem to making the industry at all levels more inclusive and diverse. Change will happen by providing access and opportunity to under-represented groups. Many AICP members, marketers, agencies and others have stated goals and commitments to increase representation across the board, which is a significant step. AICP and its members are working to create tools and resources that will help various entities meet their goals and honor commitments to change.

Committees of members created by AICP have already collaborated with many agencies and marketers through a series of roundtable discussions to find out how we can partner to strive for a more representative industry. We used these sessions to solicit candid feedback from dozens of agencies on the problems and practices that inhibit our overall commitment to diversity.  Those discussions created the foundation of this process.

Under the auspices of its Equity and Inclusion Committee, the AICP has created the following Best Practices Guidelines as we all work to change the demographics of our industry to reflect the overall population.  As we work to create more opportunities for people of color across all aspects of the creative process, and allow for new perspectives and approaches that will be to the benefit of all, these are essential guideposts for all involved in production and post-production.  It is our hope that these Best Practices will be a constant reference and ‘gut-check’ of sorts as we all work to achieve goals for diversity, inclusion, and equity across our industry.

The Best Practices found below are evolving and will be updated. If you have any questions or input, please contact

AICP Equity & Inclusion: Best Practices for Engagement