Ann Asprodites

Asprodites Reps


Area of Expertise: Connecting Live Action, Post/Animation/VFX and Music with Agencies and Brands

Started in New Orleans where too many puns lost me a job as a copywriter from a small agency.  From a myriad of jobs – writer/producer for PBS commercials, Head of Sales for post, I eventually ending up at a New Orleans production company, growing them from a local shop to studios in New York, Los Angeles and Austin.  After 13 years, four of the directors left to open their own, respective companies, taking me as an independent Rep.  The Southeast had been the stepchild of major markets and I recognized a need to celebrate their craft with attention and talent.  It must have worked: I have been specializing in agencies and brands in the Southeast for over 20 years. 
Most recently, I co-founded AIR, the Alliance of Independent Representatives.