Elizabeth Amaral

Stateline Films

Executive Producer

Area of Expertise: Production, Production Management

Elizabeth Amaral is a veteran producer who was born into the business. Growing up in NY in an advertising family influenced her from a very young age, adsorbing every detail about how great creative is conceived and brought to life, as she’s been doing for almost two decades. Her career began right out of college as an assistant at Crossroads films, where she learned all aspects of film production from the ground up, which led to her ultimate calling as a producer. In her career, she’s produced hundreds of commercials in the US, Europe and Asia, crossing all genres for brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Tiffany, Mercedes, Corona, Calvin Klein, Dove and Maybelline. Adding several Superbowl spots and an Emmy nominated project for Google Chrome to her credits, Elizabeth has loved every phase of film production throughout her long career. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.