Jessie Nagel



Area of Expertise: Public Relations, Business Development

Jessie Nagel is the Co-Founder of Hype -- a sassy boutique communications agency with the name that says it all serving the advertising and entertainment industry. She and her cohorts enjoy the daily buzz and activity the Hype universe offers including highlighting the talent and passion Hype’s clients have in spades via PR, social media, and other touchpoint forms of marketing.

Jessie also co-founded HypeFest — the short subject film festival which ran for five years and featured short films, music videos, advertising and other forms of branded content. A founding member of Women in Animation, Jessie was the editor for the organization’s newsletter “Work in Progress” for nearly 10 years. She is a member of the AICP West Coast Board and Chair of the AICP National Care Committee, which oversees the annual food + goods drive, and was involved in developing the organization’s sustainability guidelines. She’s also part of the founding team behind Green The Bid, a grassroots initiative to help the advertising industry move to a zero-waste, carbon neutral future.