John Moran


Head of Production

Area of Expertise: Production, Production Management

I originally moved from Virginia Beach to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue directing. After spending some time writing and directing short films, freelancing random gigs, and working at a TV / film production company, I realized that the endless variety and quicker pace of the commercial industry would be a much better fit for my interests and work style. I started my staff commercial production career as a Director’s Assistant, eventually moving up over the years to Coordinator, Bidding Producer, and Head of Production, between Sweetshop, SMUGGLER, and finally RESET. While I still have a passion for filmmaking and the film & TV industries in general, my career path in commercials has led me to some incredibly exciting projects and allowed me to work with amazingly talented artists over the years. I hope I can help shed some light on what I feel is an overlooked and underappreciated industry, and provide as much help and advice and clarity as possible to anyone interested.