Kristin Porter

Arts & Sciences

Line Producer

Area of Expertise: Production, Line Producing

I grew up in Miami Beach during a time of tremendous creative growth in the city in every area, art, music, food, culture.  I was enamored with my surroundings and had the opportunity to intern at an advertising agency focused primarily on local accounts as well as non profit work.  While there, I realized that, even though I was originally drawn
to the possibility of connections and marketing support for local businesses, I felt most excited once we started production.  That feeling never went away and I ended up going to college in Boston graduating with a degree in Film and TV.  Within weeks of graduation, I was on a plane to Los Angeles.  I quickly figured out the top production companies and hand delivered
my resume all over the city until I got my first PA job on a PSA.  I have now been producing since 2014, focusing primarily on commercials, but have worked on short films as well.  Every project still is a new experience with a different set of challenges.

I would love the opportunity to give guidance and support to those entering the industry as I always was encouraged when others did the same for me!