Kyra James

Assembly Films

Executive Producer

Area of Expertise: Production, Business Development

My name is Kyra DeMarco James and I am an Executive Producer at Assembly Films. I am responsible for the Promo, Marketing & Content Division.

My first opportunity in the entertainment industry came as a Junior in college, working as a wardrobe intern on a photo shoot for Urban Outfitters. After that experience, I knew I wanted to be a part of the industry in some capacity.

Years later, I had moved to NYC to pursue my dream and started working at jewelry shows and waitressing to support myself while I looked for opportunities. In 2005, I was given the chance to work on a tabletop shoot as a production assistant. I consider that one of the more fortunate moments of my life. I began my career working in the tabletop studios at MacGuffin Films, which is Assembly Films’ sister company, where I learned commercial production. I started building my skillset with taking coffee and lunch orders from clients, making photocopies, and putting Pre-Pro books
together. Each day I was given a little more responsibility and eventually I moved on to Live Action shoots. My skillset expanded as I progressed up the production ladder and I began to consider my career options.

In 2017, I wanted to widen my knowledge to include marketing content and was given the opportunity to join NBCUniversal as an Executive Producer on the Shoot Production team servicing Promo & Marketing Content for the Cable Division. I spent over 4 years at NBCU. During my tenure, I was lucky enough to work on creative campaigns & live events including Promo/Marketing, Ad Sales, Brand initiatives, Network Re-Brands, SYFY Wire Content & BravoCon content. In 2020 I was promoted to lead The Shoot Production Team. As the Team Lead, I was able to solidify our team’s position as an integral production unit across the portfolio by defining our role, creating avenues of communication and best practices across business units as well as working to unify production processes with trusted partners.

In October of 2022, I made the decision to leave NBCUniversal to return to the Assembly & MacGuffin Films family. I hope to use my production & network experience to help our companies grow and tackle a quickly changing industry landscape. As a mentor, my goal is to support talented individuals as they pursue their own production dreams by helping them continue to build their skillsets and helping them identify the right opportunities to grow in the entertainment industry.