Mike Lobikis


Head of Sales/Executive Producer

Area of Expertise: Production, Production Managment, Sales

Lobikis has been entrenched in the business and culture of Partizan since 2018, first serving as West Coast Rep while a partner at HUSTLE and more recently moving in-house to take on the role of Head Of Sales/Executive Producer.

Since moving in-house in an executive capacity, Lobikis has been dedicated to further growing the iconic Partizan brand.

As Head of Sales and EP, he continues to curate and develop diverse talent that fits with the Partizan mission statement, while evolving the offerings in the advertising, content, music video, film and tv spaces to service Partizan’s clients in more robust ways.

Lobikis is no stranger to representing and developing award-winning creative talent. Prior to Hustle, Lobikis served as Executive Producer at Mass Appeal, and before that, he was Head of Development at Tool of North America. Having been immersed in the landscape for just over 15 years, Lobikis is inspired by the amount of innovation currently being put forth by the production community, at a time when making content is more challenging than ever.