Sean Moody

Biscuit Filmworks

Head of Production

Area of Expertise: General Commercial Production, Freelance Production Management

I’m an LA-based Head of Production with over a decade of experience in the commercial film production industry. Starting my career as an intern for a commercial production company, then receptionist and office manager, I spent about a year experiencing how a commercial company operated from the ground up. I soon moved into the freelance production world and slowly gathered experience from each and every commercial and music video I worked on. I’ve worked as an Office and Set PA, Assistant Production Supervisor, Production Supervisor and Producer. It has given me a well-rounded experience and appreciation for all aspects of the commercial production process. I took on the Head of Production role at Biscuit Filmworks in January 2020 and went directly into dealing with the complexities of shooting during COVID. I enjoy the challenges each new project brings and helping our Directors, EPs, Producers and production teams navigate their individual commercial productions.