Tracie Mochizuki



Area of Expertise: Production

Tracie Mochizuki is an LA native, growing up in the South Bay town of Gardena. Fueled by a love to move, Tracie grew up playing sports but concentrated mainly on basketball and played on the high school team and in all-women Asian leagues through her adult years.

While attending California State University Long Beach, Tracie surprised her parents by changing her college major from engineering to film & tv because it was a more collaborative field filled with diverse and creative minds. This led to a short stint of low budget movies and music videos, and she eventually landed as a freelance commercial coordinator. She took a temporary position to help open the west coast office of Sandbank Films (now RadicalMedia) which turned into a 30+ year career of staff production managing and producing some of the most memorable and award-winning spots of all time.

Tracie lives in the up-and-coming enclave of Del Rey on the westside of LA with her longtime, creative director boyfriend and their very timid dog, Penny Lane.