Sustainable Production Practices

Environmental care, conservation, and corporate responsibility have prompted many in the production and post production community to search for solutions that are kinder to the planet. Many AICP member companies, along with agencies and clients, are proactively adopting responsible, regenerative practices to effectuate behavioral changes in environments that they control.  This effects the way each participating entity, and their vendors, conduct business. By taking steps to reduce expended resources and waste, companies of all types can contribute to the end goal of  maximizing production efficiency and conducting business with the least amount of lasting impact on the planet.

To this end, AICP is a supporter of Green the Bid, a sustainability organization working to provide insight and resources for the advertising industry to create more environmentally friendly sets, offices and facilities. Members include marketers, advertising agencies, production and post production companies. Green the Bid offers best practices and resources for those looking for more sustainable solutions. Please click here for more information or to become a member (there is no fee).

AICP strongly encourages its member companies to explore and implement sustainability measures wherever and whenever possible.