Luke Ricci

Luke Ricci

RSA Films


Luke Ricci is President of RSA Films US, the globally renowned commercial production company founded by Ridley and Tony Scott. An executive and producer with a prolific background in advertising and production, Luke has worked on the agency and production company sides of the aisle and overseen many award-winning campaigns.  

Prior to joining RSA Films, Luke served as President and EP of production company Bullitt (The Russo Brothers and Justin Lin), where he facilitated Bullitt’s union with The Directors Bureau (Roman Coppola). In this role he oversaw the rosters, sales, production and business operations for both companies. He was also co-founder, President & CEO of branded entertainment agency Superconductor, which was named an ad agency small agency of the year award in its third year in business. 

Luke’s production career began at Caviar where he served as Executive Producer before leaving to join Bullitt as a partner. He’s worked with an esteemed list of directors on commercials and branded entertainment including Jake Scott, The Russo Brothers, Justin Lin, Eric Andre, Sofia Coppola, Roman Coppola, Keith Schofield, Jody Hill, Melodie McDaniel and many others.  

Luke holds a BA from UC Berkeley and an MFA from The American Film Institute. He is proudly involved with charitable cycling club, Fireflies West, and served as its 2021 Directeur Sportif.