Chloe Gottlieb

Chloe Gottlieb



Chloe Gottlieb is a seasoned Design Leader and Executive Coach, with over 20 years of experience in the technology and advertising industries. She has a strong passion for nurturing creativity and innovation, particularly in developing global brands and enhancing business value. 

At Google, Chloe was the UX Director for Google Workspace and Google Shopping. She dedicated herself to empowering her teams to create user-centric products for over a billion users.  

Before joining Google, Chloe played a key role at R/GA, as the Co-Creative Officer, she led a diverse team in crafting innovative solutions for high-profile clients such as Nike, Samsung, and Verizon.  

Chloe recently founded DesignMeCo, where she offers coaching and consulting services that combine her extensive leadership experience to uplift the next generation of creative leaders.